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  • Business Development

    A significant number of elements can come into play when charting a course in Business Development. The term itself can be limited or expansive. Some of the elements typically involved:
    - Develop details in the business plan to maintain focus on the goals and objectives.
    - Analyze economic conditions such as industry trends and competition to best position the business.
    - Conduct market research and continue gathering information throughout the life of the business.
    - Establish a network of similar business people, utilizing their insights and experiences.
    - Explore financial resources for future development or expansion when necessary.
    - Seek input from professional advisors such as an accountant, banker and lawyer to provide expert information about your business segment.
    - Create exposure and momentum by attending trade shows, and seminars to keep up-to-date on changes in the industry. Highlight the business or products through exhibits or keynote presentations.
    - Build a team environment to include input in pursuing and attaining the common goals of the business.
    - Clearly understand and define the skills, qualities and responsibilities for team members.
    - Develop an analysis of the business including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and competition to outline a strategic plan for the future of the business..
  • Manufacturer's Representation

    Manufacturer's Representative services utilizing more than twenty-five years of experience in the retail channel, providing an independent sales component for vendors and manufacturers. The goal is to produce ideas and effective solutions that build market channels to levels that meet and exceed expectations. Today's evolving retail and commercial environments demand new solutions and use new skill sets. We recognize the challenge and implement strategies and tools which provide positive results, surpassing goals to a higher level of success. Making your business stronger is our focus.
    Experience in managing rep groups or individuals in a master rep capacity for regional or national efforts. Services range from boilerplate agreements to coordinated sales training.
  • iNet Marketing

    Develop marketing plans to leverage social networking and email campaigns. Build web promotion plans and an effective sales and development strategy. Effectively use email marketing tools and concepts. Explore marketing niches through affiliates and associate programs. Work with vendors' and resellers' in house iNet marketing specialists. Produce content strategies for publishing, blogs and PR events. Facilitate and run contests and giveaways in conjunction with vendors and resellers.
  • Retail Channel Consulting

    With over 25 years of experience in the Retail Channel, Dealpoints can help vendors navigate a successful sales and business relationship outcome in the retail segment. Qualifying and quantifying business opportunities by providing information based answers to common questions is key. Our focus:
    - Fine tuning merchandise assortments for maximum sales growth
    - Determining sales growth requirements in each merchandise category
    - Understanding the supply chain and how it impacts the business relationship
    - Develop forecasts that meet the needs of vendors and resellers
    - Maximize the return on inventory investments
    - Help develop messaging that provides the best product exposure
    - Execute new strategies to create exciting offers for vendors and resellers